Archives – A collection of historical documents or records providing information about a place, institution, or group of people.

Girlguiding Ross-shire has been around for a long time.  Recently on a quest for information it was discovered that Ross-shire has the distinction of having one of the very early units at Fortrose in 1912.  So we have history of guiding in the County for over 100 years! 

What we need to do is try to capture as much of this history as possible, and that’s where we all come in!!!!

In each unit and district, there may be records of previous leaders; log books of events; awards gained; newspaper articles and photographs.  We need to collate this information together to paint a picture of Guiding in the area. 

Should anybody hold any information on the type of things listed above or anything that they deem of historical importance let me know.  It would be useful too if I can get to copy photographs (all originals will be returned), so that I can compile a visual record of guiding life in the county.

It is my intention to provide information on the ways to preserve things for the future when I condense the volume of information on this subject from papers received from Girlguiding HQ. 

One piece of advice regarding photographs – please make a note of “who, where, when and what”.  It is great seeing photographs from the past, but it is even better looking at them when there is information on what has been captured.

Maybe in the future we may feature pictures with missing information on this page to see if some of the details can be recalled.

Remember – today’s events are tomorrow’s history!


Contact: Fiona – fionatosh@btinternet.com



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